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Palestine, 3 May 2021: UN Women and UNFPA have received $3 Million from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (UN CERF) to primarily support women- and community-led organizations working to prevent and respond to gender-based violence in Palestine.

The assistance will enable the two agencies to implement a multi-sectoral project aiming to provide survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and those at risk with effective access to GBV services, livelihood opportunities, and the means to amplify their voices in promoting accountability for such violations.

The project comes at a time when the reported number of GBV cases in Palestine as well as other countries of the world have been on the rise since the outbreak of COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified existing gender inequalities, aggravated violations against women and girls and threatened to reverse the progress Palestine has made towards the empowerment and equality of women” said Maryse Guimond, UN Women Special Representative for Palestine. “This is why UN Women will continue to enhance its partnership with civil society and women’s organizations in order to step up efforts aiming at putting an end to gender inequality and violence.”

The joint intervention places a strong emphasis on women’s leadership at local level, with over 30 per cent of funds going directly to Palestinian women-led organizations. Through partnership with women and community-based organizations and initiatives, UN Women and UNFPA seek to strengthen GBV organizations and facilitate access to life-saving information and services, legal aid and representation. Vulnerable women will also receive cash assistance to enhance their protection, livelihoods and dignity. The project will work to address social norms that may result in GBV. Ultimately, the project seeks to engage Palestinian society, including men and boys, in the battle against gender-based violence through support to community-led awareness activities and campaigns.

“We are grateful to UN CERF for its support to Palestinian women during this time of heightened need” said Kristine Blokhus, UNFPA Representative for Palestine. “This joint initiative will help to ensure a comprehensive, competent and compassionate response to every women or girl facing violence.” 

Media inquiries should be directed to:
Mr. Samir Barhoum, Communication Consultant, UN Women, 
Ms. Sana Asi, Programme Officer/Gender, UNFPA