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9 December 2022
Sixty-two-year-old Sheikh Mahmoud Al Kawasmeh believes men have a duty to help end violence against women and girls in their hom

Positive Masculinity: Helping Eliminate Violence Against Women in the West Bank

By promoting and strengthening equal and respectful relationships among women, men, girls, and boys, Palestinian men are playing a leading role in... Read more

30 September 2022
"I discovered a wonderful world with each of the children who I spent the camp with" Noor, Gaza

The intergenerational solidarity camps in Gaza

The intergenerational solidarity camps in Gaza In response to the latest escalations in Gaza, hundreds of children and adolescents with disabilities... Read more

23 September 2022
Some tools for women in prison in Gaza, whose crimes vary from financial liabilities, prostitution, drug addiction, theft crimes

Equipping a gym inside the women’s prison in Gaza

Providing female detainees with psychological support and new facilities to enhance their well-being

12 September 2022
Tuqa Dereyah on election day in Beit Fajjar

Becoming a young leader: Story of Tuqa Dereyah, 23, from Beit Fajjar

Tuqa is a 23-year-old young girl from Beit Fajjar, and the first Palestinian leader of the Youth Local Council (YLC) in her municipality. She... Read more

6 September 2022
Embroidery by a woman survivor of violence at ACHA safe space

From rags to riches: A journey of a woman who survived her perpetrator and cancer

“From rags to riches: A journey of a woman who survived her perpetrator and cancer”

31 August 2022
UNFPA dignity kit

Easing the Pressures of Service Providers

UNFPA, responding to the humanitarian needs in Gaza, following the two-day escalations on Gaza in August 2022!

28 July 2022
Youth Advisory Panel YAP launch in Bethlehem, Palestine

The United Nations, with the support of the EU, Denmark, launch the Youth Advisory Panel in Palestine

  Today, the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) was launched in Bethlehem with the support of the European Union, Denmark and the United Nations. The YAP is a group of 18 young Palestinians from across the... Read more

28 July 2022
Standing in respect to the YAP Anthem during YAP launching ceremony in Bethlehem

With Support from the UN in Palestine, EU and Denmark, the Youth Advisory Panel launch in Bethlehem

ON 28 July 2022, the Youth Advisory Panel lauching event took place at Bethlehem Univeristy, bringing 18 YAP members, the UN in Palestine, the EU and... Read more

2 July 2022
Delivering bakri balloons at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip funded by Japan

Japan and UNFPA partner to support maternal health in Palestine

“Bakri balloons were not previously available in Gaza. This intervention {which is funded by the Government of Japan} has helped to exponentially... Read more