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Two out of every ten women aged 20-49 were married before the age of 18 in the West Bank and this number increases to three out of ten women for the Gaza Strip based on PCBS data from 2014. Cases have been detected where girls and boys were as young as 12 years when entering into marriage. When comparing the 2014 data with the 2010, a decrease can be identified for Palestine as a whole, but also when looking separately at West Bank and Gaza Strip. This decrease is however misleading as pockets within both the West Bank as well as Gaza Strip have experienced an increase thereby leaving communities behind the national trend.  Child Marriage in Palestine advocacy paper


This video which was funded by AECID was produced by Ma'an TV.  An older man and an underage girl, who are both actors, walk around as they are newly wed and the camera captured the reaction from the people passing by.