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This analytical mapping, which was funded by the People of Japan, has revealed a diversity of organizational settings for breast cancer care in Palestine, as health care is provided to women by governmental, NGO and private sector organizations.  Throughout the last seven years, the Ministry of Health has been focussing on enhancing services for women with breast cancer, particularly encouraging the early detection of breast cancer as free mammogram screening for women was introduced in 2008 and is now covered in all districts in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


The methodology used in this research entailed undertaking a survey conducted by MoH that mapped available breast cancer detection, treatment and post-treatment care services in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and that included 98 service providers, 32 semi-structured interviews with health care providers and experts, and 40 women with breast cancer and their family members.


The Arabic version of the Executive Summary can be found in pages 6 - 8 in this report.