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The goal of the MYCHA Initiative is to catalyze local youth-led humanitarian action and generate an evidence base on appropriate capacity-building methodologies which are effective at helping youth gain the capabilities to take such actions. 

Key results of the initiative: 

  • Increased capacity of youth and youth-led groups to participate in humanitarian actions
  • Stronger and more effective youth-led initiatives in humanitarian action at the regional level

MYCHA initiative contributes to key action 3 of the compact for young people in humanitarian action - Capacity Building and Local Action, aiming to ensure that the priorities of young people are addressed by the humanitarian system and their participation in humanitarian action is supported and facilitated.

The initiative included the following three components: 

1)    Capacity building for young people to acquire knowledge and skills in humanitarian action. 
2)    Establishment of MYCHA Youth Advisory Group to meaningfully engage youth in the design and implementation of MYCHA initiative.  
3)    Support youth-led social interventions addressing needs at the community level.