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Led by UNFPA and supported by the UN, EU and Denmark, the first Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) launch event took place at Bethlehem University, and attended by approximately 80 from UN agencies, donors, private sector, youth organizations, implementing partners, influencers  and academia.



The aim of the day was to officially introduce the YAP members to partners and stakeholders, and let participants be aware the YAP commitment and mandate.  It was an occasion to celebrate the role of these young leaders in the Palestinian society.



“There is absolutely no way any of the events I have been to had the same amount of energy as today” UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine, Ms. Lynn Hastings, said at the beginning of her speech.  “YAP is a great example of our efforts to ensure that Palestinian youth interests and views are meaningfully taken into consideration by key decision-makers” she continued.



The success of the event remarks the intention of UNFPA and partners to strengthen youth capacities, looking at a brighter future which young people should be able to shape themselves.


Listen to YAP Anthen Youth Advisory Panel Anthem