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During a Global Meeting held in Uganda

Palestinian Youth and his team win first prize competition for designing mobile application

 “I was the only Palestinian in the team that won first prize for designing an application that will help youth have access to information on sexual and reproductive health issues” Ali Qrei said proudly.   “Our application was called TriGivia (which stands for 3G – Tri, Giving – Givia) will falsify all myths of information on gender issues” he continued.

80 participants, 7 teams, one winner and the winner was “Put it On” a team whose participants consisted of Palestine (represented by Ali Qrei), Uganda, Moldova, Turkey, Canada, Korea, and Macedonia, in theAdolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Design Challenge & Hackathon meeting which took place in Kampala, Uganda, “TriGivia is an application that consists of a number of questions.  Whoever gives correct answers will be eligible to win megabytes of information on gender issues to educate youth, orient and guide them on sexual and reproductive issues” Qrei explained.

“It’s a great feeling to be satisfied and proud.  I hope youth in Palestine can get more support to enable them bring out their creativity, hoping other Arab youth will get this equal opportunity to show the world what he/she is capable of”.

Ali’s mission was fully supported by UNFPA Palestine office.