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Under the theme “The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving sustainable consumption and Production”, a thrift shop was organized for one week, organized by Y-PEER Palestine, UNFPA, and in cooperation with Al Bireh Municipality.
“There is still Hope” "لسا في أمل" was the theme of this campaign in both Ramallah and the Gaza Strip.  The campaign included giving away for free clothes, books, and every type of donation.  A video shows day one of the thrift shop that volunteers from the YPEER organized.
The day was accompanied by different youth led activities and talents like a booth for artists, a booth for handmade accessories, and a music segment where youth played the violin, Oud and other musical instruments. The campaign highlighted the importance of youth’s role to pave the road to 2030 and empower them through showing their work, talents and dreams in a comfortable public space.