Ibtihal and Aya speak of their dreams, fears and what it means to be girls in Gaza. UNFPA provides safe spaces for Ibtihal, Aya and thousands of other young women and men in Gaza. You can read more about Aya and Ibtihal and Gazan girls here. 

Young women and adolescent girls' ability to make free reproductive choices is contingent on many socioeconomic factors and rights. This is reflected in 2018's State of the World's Population (SWOP) which focused on the title of "The Power of Choice: reproductive rights and demographic transition." 



سألنا فتيات في سن المراهقة من فلسطين والأردن وكردستان العراق وليبيا واليمن والصومال وسوريا عن أحلامهن وتطلعاتهن وكانت إجابتهن أنه من حق أي فتاة أن تتطلع أن تصبح مهندسة معمارية أو قائدة طائرة أو حتى رئيسة لبلدها!


We asked adolescent girls from Palestine, Jordan, Kurdistan Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Syria about their dreams and aspirations, and they answered that any girl should be able to aspire to be an architect, a pilot or even the president of her country!   #GirlsAtTheCentre 


The project “Yalla Shabab” aimed at building resilience and reduce vulnerability among Palestinian youth in the most marginalized communities, through improving youth’s awareness and skills in civic engagement and promoting policy dialogue and support advocacy on young people’s rights and priorities. Young people have led innovative initiatives voicing their priorities and aspirations to decision makers. 

Yalla Shabab Official Facebook Page


Throughout #SheLeadsTheWay campaign, a number of initiatives took place in the West Bank and Gaza highlighting women’s participation in performing arts, technology and civic engagement through art exhibitions, workshops, theatre performances, storytelling and discussion panels. 

International Women’s Day 2018 is an opportunity to put calls for gender equality into action and reiterates the importance of empowering women of all backgrounds, rural and urban. She leads the way is a joint campaign between UNESCO, UN Women, UNFPA, Norwegian Representative Office to the PA, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation –Jerusalem Office, Spanish Cooperation, Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem, Consulate General of Belgium in Jerusalem, British Consulate General- Jereusalem, and Women's Centre for Legal Aid and Counseling.


A message by Mr. Anders Thomsen, UNFPA, Representative, State of Palesine, on the occasion of International Women's Day:

Zero maternal mortality

Zero gender based violence

Zero violence against women


International Youth Day 2017 video highlights the UN joint campaign that was implemented during October and November 2017. The video celebrates Palestinian youth and advocates for their importance in policy discussions and peace-building under the umbrella of UNSCR 2250.


الحملة الوطنية للوقاية من سرطان الثدي 2017، الممول من صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان دولة فلسطين، وبدعم سخيّ من الحكومة اليابانية، وتنفيذ الإغاثة الطبية الفلسطينية



A short video showing the main findings from UNFPA report entitled "Palestine 2030 - Demographic Change: Opportunities for Development "


A short video showing the main findings from Palestine 2030 Report.