Sixty-two-year-old Sheikh Mahmoud Al Kawasmeh believes men have a duty to help end violence against women and girls in their hom
By promoting and strengthening equal and respectful relationships among women, men, girls, and boys, Palestinian men are playing a leading role in advocating for women’s rights and an end to violence against them, with the Adwar Association in partnership with UNFPA through the HAYA Joint Programme.
"I discovered a wonderful world with each of the children who I spent the camp with" Noor, Gaza
The intergenerational solidarity camps in Gaza In response to the latest escalations in Gaza, hundreds of children and adolescents with disabilities joined recreational activities with young volunteers.
Some tools for women in prison in Gaza, whose crimes vary from financial liabilities, prostitution, drug addiction, theft crimes
Providing female detainees with psychological support and new facilities to enhance their well-being

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