Roving Specialists

Roving Specialists in Emergencies

6 March 2016


The Roving GBViE Specialists will be part of the GBViE Roving Team covering different thematic areas and/or geographical areas. They expected to be deployed in the field, either in an emergency or roving capacity, for up to 70% of the time and must be able to deploy to the site of an emergency within 72 hours of notification. They will be deployed to either support existing UNFPA country programs in their GBV emergency response, or to initiate a new GBV program in the crisis zone. They will deploy in roving capacity to provide highly GBV skilled, experienced, management or inter-agency coordination support due to unexpected vacancies, program transitions, in-country GBV programs and coordination transitions, extreme spikes in workloads, and other situations that may require extra skilled support. They will be responsible for supporting the transfer of responsibilities and knowledge to the long-term staff to ensure the continuity of GBViE UNFPA programming and GBV Sub-cluster coordination. They will report to the HFCB GBV Capacity Development Specialist